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Allocation of resources is one of the top priorities for any Small Medium Enterprises (SME) in the country. With budgets being so limited, importance is given to Development and revenue generation. Given this limitation, any SME would bracket an HR or Recruitment activity as the last & least in their priority list. At the same time, human resource becomes a demand for such enterprises who are willing to absorb a talented candidate. Here comes a point of co-existence and an answer in the form of technology. A technology that is worthwhile an investment; at the same time effectively be a part of the company s growth and development.

These triggers in the SME segment gives birth to technologies, products or solutions and one such for the HR Industry is the Free Recruitment Software , essential for long term goals of the company.

SME s have scarcity of resources, time and employees; many a time s one employee handles two interdependent profiles. In such cases recruitment software can be used to address the recruitment process. Recruitment Software streamlines the process by allowing postings, listings, collate applicant details that matches with the job requirement. A job board helps in reaching to the applicant talent pool but an ATS pulls the best matched profiles with the required skills. In a small company where employees cannot take time off from their responsibilities an ATS gets half the work done. It filters the applicants from the pile of responses to the job listings given by the company.


These days there are many recruitment software available both online and offline from which the companies can choose. A desktop based or an offline Free ATS require installation of the proprietary software with each installation including complex licensing agreements based on user arrangements. A desktop based ATS s features would be limited though, as it would lack the web based interface which an online ATS provides.

Apart from Consultancies, there are Small Companies as well who can also look for web based Recruitment Software or Applicant Tracking System. Web based recruitment software is very advantageous as online updating for the software features can be done easily. Recruitment software which is available on the net are simple to use with no manual updates required on the system. It can be used as soon as one gets registered with the ATS providers. Entrepreneurs who want to be efficient and get the best applicants on board should take up the recruitment software as it would make the hiring process effective without taking them away from their core duties of keeping an eye on the business.

A SaaS based Talent acquisition application that helps you manage the entire hiring process from requisition to job offers and helps you cut down hiring cycle-time, reducing the cost of hiring and building your employer brand equity.

Applicant Tracking Software is known to save a lot of Recruiter’s time, and now they save money as well!! They help consultancies plan their recruitment budget at the budding stage and save costs on operational aspects. While using such free applications, companies can overweigh on their profits with no costs incurred. With all these benefits, technology is now at easy reach for even the Small and Medium Businesses, who can reach better heights of success.

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