4 Important Facts About Training Your American Bulldog

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American bulldogs prove to be wonderful and beautiful pets for any home. However, they do require special training and treatment like any other type of dog. Given below are a few tips that will make the process of training your puppy easier.

These were a few basic health problems to look out for if you plan to get a puppy home. With proper care it is possible to avoid all problems. American bulldogs can easily live 8 to 15 years healthily as a loving family pet.

4 Important Tips for Training Your New Puppy

1. American bulldogs are smart and they love solving problems. Therefore, you can try to make the training process for your puppy to be a problem solving game. This would keep your pet interested in the training.


2. These dogs are known to be lazy and therefore they don t like being physically active. However, you must try to come up with short exercise plans as part of your training process in order to keep them focused.

3. These dogs can sometimes be dominant. This is something you would need to cure your pet of with proper training. Be firm with your pet to show him that you are in charge and not him. Do not hit your pet but show assertiveness while training.

4. Your pet will have to be socialized well so it is necessary to take him out where he will be able to meet other dogs and people. This will teach your pet how to act well around others and will allow them to learn how to handle distractions too.

Originally, the American bulldog breed had been used in the 17th century for guarding homes, bull baiting and catching livestock. Then, they made their way to the US as working dogs and for gambling purposes. Bull baiting was outlawed in 1835 in the UK and the breed slowly gained popularity as family pets, now known as the English bulldog. The breed itself hasn t undergone much change. They weren t quite popular in World War II and were on the brink of extinction. However, with preservation efforts they are once again in our midst and are thriving.

Bonus Tip

Other than the four tips given above on training your American bulldog, here is an additional tip. Ensure that the training session lasts only 15 minutes since otherwise your pet will stop listening and following your instructions.

In order to have a well behaved pet it would be necessary to socialize and train them from a very early age. These dogs can be trained to be friendly with other dogs if they are trained well. Their coat is low maintenance and therefore they need to be bathed and brushed as needed. Elbow and hip dysplasia are two conditions that affect these dogs. Some of the eye conditions that owners should know about are enropion, retinal dysplasia and third eyelid prolapse. At birth, these dogs may be deaf or the condition may develop with age. They may also have a congential defect, patent ductus arteriosis that causes their lung blood vessels to be open post birth. Because of this, extra blood flows into their lungs.

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