Best Breast Massage Steps And Breast Enlargement Technique

Best Breast Massage Steps and Breast Enlargement Technique


Dr. Lee Mikal

In the chest, always women, physical Feminine beauty is a point of concern for a special attention. Needed to recover one side of the breasts, most women wish to express their beautiful breasts – and Gstak firms are symmetric.

Massage in a woman\’s breasts is a practice that has been used for centuries in India and East. Aur Vedic such a practice, a medical system that began in India and is documented in Mroj for ages.

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Chest massage of the chest can be difficult because the tissues are very delicate. However, the proper way and only moderate pressure, with massage of the breast are absolutely secure. Not only does massage make it firmer breasts, even in the healthy and the woman\’s body that aids in maintaining hormonal balance. The process is quite simple.

A woman massages her breasts, but it could happen to anyone. Obviously, this process needs to be baring breasts and so necessary that it should be in a private placement. The woman is lying or sitting, which can massage it more comfortable.


To avoid bruising and discomfort, skin massage oil lubrication is also important. Massage oil massage on the chest of the first phase of the request. Oil on the chest towards the underarm area Srklr movements from the center of the chest to be applied. Take care only light pressure is exerted on the chest.

Chest massage, what next after the chest is involved in the oil. Lifting of the chest to chest with both hands and gently pressing Najk be kneaded. Turn, hold chest with both hands, twisted flesh and very gently wrung.

The third step Swat massage using finger gently with the flat chest should try to remove the fibers. Stroke should watch, and then Gmaa?.

The final step, chest and stroked the meat should be smoothened away toward the center with the direction of the finger. This massage is cooling down phase. When this is done all the steps again on the chest. Receiver should drink plenty of water afterwards.

Asodajnk or even chest massage can be painful. Why is it so important to massage the breasts to look only at least pressure.

Massage into breasts, but to promote their health and is good to give a firm and beautiful performance.

Techniques for Self-Breast Massage

1.It is suggested that breast massage be performed up to three times a week for 2 5 minutes to stimulate hormone secretion from the breasts and ovaries and to prevent toxic build up in the lymph and breast tissue.

2.Apply massage oil: you can purchase these at a health salon or at your local health food shop. Sweet almond and apricot kernel oils are excellent. If you are allergic to nuts, avoid the almond oil. Coconut oil is a light, liquid oil which works very well. Try to avoid scented or mineral based oils.

3.This is also a good time to use your breast enlargement creams and serums

4.Use only a light pressure on the breasts when applying the oil and for massage, as excessive pressure will cause pain and discomfort. You only need the lightest movement, using the palms or flat of the fingertips to flush toxins away from the breast area through the lymphatic system

5.Cup the breasts with your hands and use a light circular motion over the whole of the breast. You can also massage the underneath of the armpit to promote circulation


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