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Submitted by: Apolonia Lozowski

Dentists become very important when you are a Mom. A Mom is responsible for the health and well being of her children. One of those health issues is the care of your child’s teeth. It is important to involve dentists early in children’s lives. When my oldest child was just two years old, I could tell that there was something going on with his front baby teeth. Once I saw the problem, I was all about finding dentists to get dental services for him. I began searching for dentists in our area. The Payson dentist I found, took great care of my child. He was also a big support to me, as I found out that the cause of my son’s problems was bottle mouth.

Although the Payson dentists are not specifically Pediatric dentists, I was able to trust them fully with the work on my son’s oral care. General dentistry care takers work on the whole family, regardless of age. This was nice, as I could go to just one place for all of our dental treatment. The dental services we received from the dentists, for our son was a relief. They gave us support and understanding as they went to work to take care of what is considered a preventable dental health issue. You might expect dentists to lecture you, but they didn’t.


I felt guilty and upset at myself for allowing my son to drink a bottle of milk to go to sleep at night. I guess I had known that from dentists in the past, however, as a tired Mom, I just got in the bad habit of doing what worked. The dentists at my Payson Dentist office were so nice about it though. They went to work for the treatment and care of the teeth, then gave me support and instruction for oral care in the future, non-judgmental instructions, just facts that I needed to be reminded of from professional dentists.

As a Mom, you never want to be responsible for causing a health concern for your child. To be told by the dentists that the issue could have been preventable is nothing short of humbling. Now I am adamant about getting my Children into the dentists for their regular dental health care visits. We go to those same dentists that helped me with my son. I support healthy eating, and foods that work to support dental health. I never want it said of me again, that I was the cause or the lack of my general care was the cause of any dentistry issue, like a root canal, or some other dental health issue. I want to be able to look my dentists in the eye and say, “I am doing my best.”

I now take my children for regular general check-ups, every six months, just as the dentists have recommended. We work to take care of our teeth at home, as well. We brush our teeth morning and night, and floss everyday. I now know that dental services are a big support for this home regiment.

My Payson Dentists attended accredited dental schools and are members of the American Dental Association. This helps me have confidence in the dentists ability to provide health services for all the work on my family’s teeth. My initial search for dentists has really paid off. I count on them for all of the oral care and dental health in our lives. If I ever need a root canal or wish to have cosmetic dentistry done, I can be assured that these dentists, Payson dentists, can care for my needs without judgement. They only care that they provide the best dental care and dental services that they possibly can. They are in the business of making smiles and they sure gave me reason s to grin.

About the Author: Emmanuel Willers and Mr. Alires Are mentors who are able to give the type of help only a Dr. Alires has been able to provide in the past. To so my dear Mother I also say thanks. As a Mom, you never want to be responsible for causing a health concern for your child. To be told by the dentists that the issue could have been preventable is nothing…. Learn more at



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