Diamond Prices Rose 20% During This Year

By Himfr Tian

Diamond as a non-renewable resources, the recent production of the largest diamond group De Beers (DeBeers) announced that the last 20 years has not found large-scale diamond mines, coupled with the market in recent years, increasing demand on the diamond, diamond face depleted. Diamond prices rose 20% during the year.

Downturn in the property market, real estate speculators Group Wenzhou, Wenzhou, real estate speculators Group, owner of coal in Shanxi and other speculators invariably shift investment diamond. At an auction, the auction’s top price of diamonds continues to hit a new high. Sotheby’s Hong Kong spring auctions in 2010 Session of magnificent jewelry, gems Millennium — 5.16 kt flawless pear fresh color within the “Millennium Blue Diamond” ring to 50 million Hong Kong dollar traded at high prices, the price per carat up to 9.7 million Hong Kong dollars.

Good quality diamonds rose by 40% -50%.

This reporter has learned, the international diamond prices have risen three times this year, or 20%. 9 Oriental Plaza shop drill a sales staff told reporters: “This year the sales price of diamonds has been rising, the quality of the ordinary diamond prices several hundred dollars, and some good quality diamonds, some up a few million.” Day Bill Williams (DeBeers) of rough diamonds this year rose 7% -10%, while the prices of diamond dealers have reached 10% -20%, or even good quality diamonds rose 40% -50%.


Diamond is a non-renewable resources, the world’s major diamond mines mainly in Africa, Russia, Australia and other places, now the world’s rough diamonds produced in 70% of control by the De Beers mining company, and many diamond mines are becoming exhausted, in 2008 Dai Beers rough diamonds produced in production of 48 million cards, starting in 2011 will be reduced to 40 million cards annually. Suddenly, diamonds cut diamonds direct result of rising prices. International diamond certification authority of the President HRD Georges Brys predict the next few years, diamond prices will continue to rise, if no discovery of new mines, after 40 years will be the world’s diamond mines have been exhausted.

According to the international diamond quotation shows that in 2003, a 1 carat, H Color, VVS2-level price of the round bare drill or 4000 U.S. dollars (about 27,310 yuan) around, and now the same quality diamond prices have risen to 8000 U.S. dollars (about 54,620 yuan), the price doubled.

Not Easy to Cash Earnings

Government promulgated the “4? 14” property market since the New Deal, a number of hot money gradually withdraw from the property market, some investment into the diamond. China Jewelry Association data showed the country in May this year, total sales volume of over 10 billion of diamonds, up nearly 30%, of which 2 kt -5 carat diamond sales up 40%. Aveni, chairman Nie Wenbiao jewelry network revealed this year, strong domestic demand for diamonds, the company’s sales each month to 36% -50% of the rate of growth, especially in late April to May period, the growth momentum is very rapid.

However, the investment diamonds easy to cash earnings is not easy. More than the current capital sales of diamond shopping, only the U.S. per carat Diamond Diamond Plaza launched repurchase. Every sales staff, said Cramer, Cramer all in every 5,000 yuan to buy diamonds, can be life under the purchase price in accordance with the corresponding proportion of buy-back. If a repurchase price in the proportion of 70%, 80% two years, three years would receive 100% return, that consumers buy three years after the repurchase in accordance with the original price. When the diamond prices, it will refer to the international diamond market repurchase price in cash, but the buy-back, you need to pay tax of 8.5% of the consumption tax.

In addition to the repurchase, the current investment diamonds almost no other means of cash, ordinary diamond can not be up for auction, while the diamond market mortgage income equal to only one-third of the retail price.

Diamond expert, reminds consumers that a diamond’s overall price structure, the weight of 40%, purity 20%, 20% color, cut 20%. Primary factors are weight, diamond weight of 1 carat and above only have value for collection. But also has investment value is the bare diamond, not diamond rings, diamond necklaces and other consumer goods, because they contain a processing and sales of diamond jewelry chain profit, hard cash.

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