Ho Jo Magnetic Motor Review Great Alternative Energy Product

A couple of weeks ago the engineers at “HoJo Motor” released plans that anyone can follow to create their own free energy device based on Howard Johnson’s patented magnetic generator. The reason it is getting so much attention is because this magnetic generator produces totally free energy for people’s homes and the plans are really easy to follow (many people have already built their own working “free energy” device)!

The HoJo magnetic Motor was also awarded 3 U.S. patents! In fact, it is the only known device to be certified by the “U.S. Patent Office” to actually produce free energy.

The plans to build your own “HoJo Motor” that can produce free energy for your home was just re-released. And it is stated that you do not need any building or engineering experience to assemble your own magnetic motor. The plans are easy to follow and are step-by-step! So literally anyone can build this device.

How Does A HoJo Magnetic Motor Work

The magnetic motor uses a bidirectional “two particle” theory of magnetic flux lines which can be justified by Whittaker’s earlier work showing the internal bidirectional energy flows in all potentials and fields.


It also utilizes controlled spin-waves and self-initiated precise exchange forces, which are known to momentarily produce bursts of very strong force-fields. The approach is to use highly nonlinear assemblies of magnets which initiate the foregoing phenomena at very precise points in the rotation cycle.

In short, the motor seeks to produce precisely located and directed sudden magnetic forces, using self-initiated nonlinear magnetic phenomena. This is analogous to what the Wankel engine did using the Lenz law effect by sharply interrupting a weak current in an external coil.

It must be pointed out that the Lenz law effect and other very abrupt field changes momentarily produce not only an amplified Poynting energy flow component, but also an amplified Heaviside energy flow component as well.

This all results in a fast spinning motor where the electrical output can be collected.

The Final Verdict On Alternative Energy

After intensive study through various internet sources I came to the conclusion that the Howard Johnson (HoJo) Magnetic Motor is an achievable project. There are continued experimentation’s with magnetic forces and how to apply the knowledge to free us all from polluting our planet and we can only try from our side to lend a hand.

Following are a few Pro’s and Con’s that I found on constructing your own “Free” energy motor.


1) Produces free electricity for your home.

2) Easy to build.3) The Plans are easy to follow.


1) You will need to follow the plans closely if you don’t have building experience.

2) Many of your family and friends won’t believe that you built a working magnetic generator till they see it in person!

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