Know How To Prepare Your 4 Wheel Drive And All Wheel Drive Before Going On A Trip}

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Planning to go on a trip before Australian winter? Start gearing up for the long awaited trip well in advance. Always keep in mind that besides packing your rucksack one important part of a trip preparation is to get your 4 wheel drive and all wheel drive ready. This is because when you get your 4 wheel drive serviced before you set out for your trip you will be able to find out if something looks a little worn out and needs attentionand it can be replaced so that you do not land up into trouble while you embark on a remote trip. In fact, if vehicles are not checked properly it could end up spoiling the entire trip.

However, it is important that the preparation that you are taking for your 4 wheel or the all wheel drive should be all encompassing. It must be such that you do not face any trouble while you are driving through the rough terrains.

Let us have a look at some of the important aspects that you should consider while you get ready for a trip.

First of all, it is a good idea to have a detailed service manual ready in your car. This is important because even if you are unable to do the servicing, you will be able to describe the problem to a mechanic over the telephone looking at the pictures of the parts given in the manual.

As far as the car is concerned you should ensure that all the nuts and bolts are securely placed. They must be adequately tightened.

The aftermarket components like the spotlights, roof hacks, aerials, and others must be carefully fastened with non-loosening fasteners.

Most importantly you should get the underside of the vehicle checked. This is because this particular portion of the car is rarely checked when moving around the town but can become a regular sight while driving through the bush. Get the exhaust shaken and the joints and welds examined. It is important to check these areas so that you can find out symbols of fatigue and stress. All exhaust assemblies must be in place and entire unit must have a solid and cohesive feel.

The tyres of your 4WD are equally important and get them checked along with all the fluid lines. In fact, all the parts of the car along with the brakes, shock absorbers, suspension components, radiators must be carefully checked so that you do not face any trouble while you have already set out for the trip.

The tow and recovery points of the car also need inspection and at the same time always keep in mind that you should operate the air conditioner of your car for ten minutes in a week.The spotlights and the headlights of the car also need to be checked to ensure proper functionality.

Last but not the least, a thorough check up of your all wheel drive will give you much confidence and you will be able to enjoy your trip completely. So it is best if you get it checked by a reliable car mechanic or car service centre near you before your embark on your road trip.

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