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You may have never considered body language as an important aspect of public speaking, but the truth is it is among the most important factors for successful presentations. Public speaking courses experts are firm in their belief that body language reveals what you are showing to the public just as much as actually presenting the information.

If you find that hard to believe, just think about the fact that the most notable element of any presentation is you, the presenter. The way your audience sees and hears you is probably more, or at the very least equally important to what you are presenting. There are certain aspects of body language that should always be considered for effective public speaking:

Gestures using movement and gestures to capture the interest of your audience and better communicate your message has long been a subject of research for many years. What has been discovered as an effective technique is the NODS method: neutral, open, define, strong. The neutral position is your initial one: hands at both your sides. Thanks to this, you are seen as open and it is easier to influence the public. Movements with your hands should be defined and strong, in order to amplify and support what you say.

Space public speaking gives you some space, which you can use. Do not make the mistake of standing still or using too little of that space, because that will show you as unsure and uncertain. Learn the effective practices of occupying space, because that will boost your confidence and reveal as a leader, which is exactly the role you are assuming when presenting in public.

Objects when you are dealing with objects during your presentation, whether it is a remote controller for a projector, or a laser pointer, be sure you are doing so with the intent to help your message. Keep in mind the object is there to help you and boost your message it is not something to be afraid of.

Facial expressions apart from what you are saying and what you are doing, you must also be mindful of your facial expression. In public presentations, your face and the expressions it conveys can augment your point and meaning. If you feel like you have an unexpressive face, you can work with a mirror. Try to link what you are expressing verbally with your facial expression. Practice talking without uttering any sound, just to get a clear idea of how your face is expressing it.

Voice despite the fact many people think otherwise, voice is actually a vital part of your body language. It is quite a flexible tool of your arsenal, because you can moderate it with very little effort. There are even specialized diction courses aimed at giving you better control and understanding on how to use your voice as an influencing tool.

Public speaking courses experts sure recognize the importance of body language and the role it plays in presentations. You should too, because it can pave the road to success.

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