Real Estate Sales Contract : Individual Components To Pay Attention To

By Tom Beaty

As soon as a buyer is pre-qualified or pre-approved and has assented to the asking price, you will need him to sign the real estate sales contract. This is usually the obligation of the real estate agent to handle this aspect, but if you are the agent of the “for sale by owner” home, it will be your obligation. If you want to become familiar with this, looking over a blank real estate sales contract is an exceptional way of doing so. This is recommended by most skillful sellers.

You can find specific features about the property being sold in the real estate sales contract. This will include the buyer and seller’s name, the price of the house, and date when the title and purchase money are expected to be exchanged.

The county needs a legal description in order to identify the property. This description does not resemble the address by any means. Both the deed and the real estate sales contract that you signed when buying your home will contain a legal description of your property. This will have a block and lot number as well as pages from the plat book that can be located at the county court house. Although it is not necessary for you to learn this information, it is necessary for you to fill out your real estate sales contract. The legal description lists a few items that you may have to research. Real property is a term referring to land, due to the fact that land will last endlessly. Improvement is a term referring to the building and structures located on a property. Essentially, your house is an improvement on your property, where the house is located.


A sizable share of the real estate sales contract is devoted to dealing with possibilities. A possibility you might find on a sales contract is: “In the event that the seller should not restore the bathroom plumbing” an appropriate consequence will then be described, for example, this contract will be considered nullified. A second example would be the seller agreeing to offer a predetermined amount of money to cover rebuilding the door.

An additional instance of a common condition is if a loan that is large enough to buy your house cannot be collected by the buyer. The amount of detail that buyer will have to use to express on the real estate sales contract may seem unnecessary. This is how the contract bars the buyer from claiming he is “unable to get a loan” in order to exit the contract.

If the buyer wants to inspect the property, the buyer can choose to hire an expert inspector. A deadline can be found in the real estate sales contract for this inspection to have been completed. If any flaws are found by the inspector, the seller has the option of either rebuilding the problem or allowing the buyer to leave the contract.

The seller must then entrust a clear title to the property as it is necessary by the real estate sales contract. This property must be insured and researched by a title company.

A real estate sales agreement can be collected at any major office supply store. One can also find them at the nearest real estate office, however, they may be more elaborate than what you want.

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