Secret Shopping Center

Secret Shopping Center



A secret shopping center is the place where all the action takes place. It is usually a retail outlet of a business house, but it can be any place ranging from an entertainment venue or a healthcare venue to self storage or a restaurant. This is the place where the agent appointed by a firm goes to assess the quality of front end operations. The agent reports back whatever she finds to the management which in turn takes appropriate measures to improve its front end operations.


One of the major front end operations is ensuring hundred percent client satisfaction. People go to malls and retail outlets to purchase things and they want the best products. But however good a product may be, a client will purchase it only when she is fully satisfied with it as well as the behavior of the staff out there. The agents minutely observe the behavior of the staff at the secret shopping center posing as clients. They observe if the response time taken by the staff members and if they are patient enough to attend to the queries of each and every client.

The agents note the amount of time a staff member spends on each and every client that he encounters and if he is showering undue attention on some clients and ignoring the rest. A staff member might take an old client for granted and not spend much time on her while another staff member might just be attentive to the old clients and ignore the new ones. It is also seen that clients who create impressive first impressions and affluent clients manage to get more attention than others. The agent on duty at a secret shopping center observes this either through personal experience or by interviewing other clients.

A staff member might be courteous enough but he might not be having good knowledge of the product that he is selling or about any competing product available in the market. Nowadays, the clients are highly informed. Thanks to the online community. One can get information about any product on earth in details. Hence, this is all the more a reason for any seller to beguile the consumer with his sales tricks. The staff member of the secret shopping center is expected to furnish accurate information to the consumer. He should state facts and not distort them to sell a product. Many sales persons make this mistake thinking that the firm will appreciate their intelligence. But it does more harm than good because a consumer is smart enough to understand the true worth of the product that he has purchased. He will not bother to return to the store again.

The agent not only scans the staff members but also the premises of the retail outlet that he visits. The premises of a store play a very vital role in attracting clients as everything goes by impression in the markets of today. People want to visit places which are attractive and welcoming. The secret shopping center that they visit should be clean and hygienically maintained. The ambience should be warm and entertaining. This is the reason many malls are having food outlets and gaming zones attached to them. Big malls should arrange for convenient parking of vehicles belonging to the visitors. Old and dilapidated parts of the buildings should be repaired immediately.

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