Kenyan Musicians Cross Into The Acting And Film Professions

Kenyan Musicians Cross Into the Acting and Film Professions


Chege Miati

The local entertainment showbiz has seen huge changes lately with artists aiming their engrossment on the dramatization industry. Back in the nineties the acting profession in Kenya was disadvantaged and poor. Play-actors and Play-actresses were sparse in number and reaped insignificant pay for their work. This includes Mwalimu Churchil, Ian Mbugua and others who are right now renowned thespians.


More involvement of the private sector in the acting and film industry has stimulated development exceedingly. This has been facilitated via instruction and donating to of many programs e.g. the once a year Kalasha awards which seek to reward thespians who are at the top of their game. The people have taken a step in upholding local programs both on screen and theatre through increased viewership over foreign productions. Below is a list of entertainers who have spawned success in this activity: 1. Nick Mutuma He is casually cited as the actor who a lot of women most likely hallucinate about. He leads multiple lives; an actor, a performer and event\’s coordinator. He also doubles up as radio anchor at a local radio station. He has played roles in TV series for instance Tabasamu, Changes and Shuga: Love, Sex and Money and is the brand ambassador of Dance 4 Life. He is currently a big name in the Kenyan music industry with popular melodies such as the 254 Anthem and Shuga. 2. Antoneosoul Not many folks know his government name, Anthony Mwangi nevertheless his internationally known tracks are Chips Funga, Engineer Penja, Qwerty Love, Horera and Love Me & Don’t Let Go are heart felt by most. From a lowly upbringing he has been featured in local productions such as Shuga: Love, Sex & Money and SIRI. 3. Size 8 Government names Linet Masiro Munyali this female has been moving up the ladder in the music fraternity. With mega-hits such as Vidonge, Fire and Shamba boy on her discography she is currently a musician to look out for. Her acting career began at a local radio station, KBC casting parts in the Telly program Plot 10, Vioja Mahakamani and Changing Times. In 2010 she was in the MTV drama series: Love, Sex & Money. 4. Patricia Kihoro Her era as a Tusker Project Fame entrant definitely endeared her in the humanity of most people judging by her reputation currently. Like Nick Mutuma, she is an actress, entertainer and radio news anchor and is an accomplished blogger! Songs by her include Amarula, Ngoma and Nakupenda – The What Not Not song. She has been featured in theatre pieces e.g. Malaika, Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and TV productions e.g. Changes and Pet. 5. Avril Kenya More often than not called Avril Kenya, her achievements both in song and dramatization has secured her audience over the last few weeks. It is essential to note that she began to be featured in the acting industry of late her initial part being on the MTV production, Shuga: Love, Sex and Money playing the part of Miss B\’Have. Her meteoric rise on the music industry continues with excellent music hits tracks such as Kitu Kimoja, Chokoza and More dramatization roles in local programs likewise appear to be in her future plans.

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