What Is The Difference Between An Absolute And A Limited Divorce?


In the state of Maryland petitioners must review the different types of divorce before filing. In the state, there are two primary forms of divorce. They are absolute and limited divorce. While the proceedings are similar, the divorces are completely different.

What is an Absolute Divorce?

An absolute divorce is the dissolution of the marriage. In these proceedings, the couple determines what party acquires child custody and how their property is divided. With child custody, the parties have the option to choose sole or joint custody. With property division, all property that is owned jointly offers both parties with an interest. The court could rule that both parties can continue to use the property, or that it is necessary to sell it.

As the court assigns ownership of marital property, the current financial state of each party is evaluated. If a spouse cannot earn an income that allows them to maintain the same lifestyle as they had during the marriage, he or she may receive a higher award. However, under these circumstances, the court may also award alimony payments to assist them until they can complete a college program or find more suitable employment. To discuss an absolute divorce contact a Family Lawyer Timonium MD today.

Reviewing a Limited Divorce

A limited divorce is essentially a legal separation. The parties remain married and live separately. Couples who seek a limited divorce may not possess the ground required under Maryland law to acquire an absolute divorce. They could also face difficulties in their marriage in which they aren’t able to dissolve. During the limited divorce, the couple maintains the same rights as they would prior to these proceedings. This form of divorce helps them to determine if they want to end the marriage completely.

Couples facing difficulties that they can’t settle on their own should consider the benefits of both forms of divorce available in Maryland. They allow these couples to seek an amicable solution to their issues without further issues. To acquire information about these proceedings hire a Family Lawyer Timonium MD by contacting Maria Caruso or Click here for more information.

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